Ordo Ab Chao

A mini-course on the Circular Throughout the Two Hemispheres, the foundational document of the Supreme Council and the Scottish Rite.

Ordo Ab Chao- literally Order from Chaos; though often misunderstood, this phrase is synonymous with the Supreme Council Circular Throughout the Two Hemispheres. Also called the Manifesto of 1802, this document presents both a Romantic and Authentic history of high degree Masonry and announces the Supreme Council to the Masonic world.  The phrase Ordo Ab Chao is in direct refence to the idea that high degree Masonry was in a state of chaos and disorder prior to the formation of the Supreme Council, with various detached degrees being conferred with little or no oversight from Symbolic Grand Lodges or Sublime Grand Lodges. By assuming jurisdiction over these degrees, the Supreme Council was literally attempting to create order from chaos. 

This course features:

  1. A conversation about this document with Bro. Arturo de Hoyo, 33° Grand Cross and Maynard Edwards, 33°.
  2. An scan of the original printing of the document.
  3. A full transcription, including a Latin glossary and biography of Frederick Dalcho, primary author of the Circular.
  4. A 30-question quiz.



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This course includes:
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